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Types of carpet styles for residential applications and commercial applications

Carpet Categories – Part I

There are many different types of carpet styles for residential applications and commercial applications.  The focus of this article is Cut Pile Carpets and Saxony Carpets.  Making an educated decision regarding style, maintenance, quality, and budget will allow you to enjoy your carpeting.    The following sources were referenced when writing this article: Carpet Buyers Website and Master Care Corp.

Carpet is organized by categories based on specific characteristics and can vary slightly from source to source.  The main category is Cut Pile and the construction can be used in both residential and
commercial applications.  It is seen frequently in the residential market where it comprises the largest share.  The definition of “Cut Pile” is a fiber in which two or more plies of yarn have been twisted and heat set so the tips are recognizable from the surface.

The manufacturing of carpet (carpet styles / types of carpet) – which can be described as sewing strands of yarn into a backing material – creates thousands of yarn loops. When the loops are cut, we create a CUT PILE carpet, often known as PLUSH or texture carpet and even friezes. When the loops remain uncut, we create a LOOP carpet.

Samples of collection carpet, for backgrounds or textures

A Saxony Carpet has a fine finished off appearance and typically has a sheen.   This carpet is not for the consumer that seeks a low maintenance trackless option.  Foot prints and vacuum marks are a result of light reflecting off the fiber when the pile direction is changed.  Depending on the fiber direction, some fibers may appear lighter while others appear darker.  Technically there is one color but the sheen coupled with the light create the illusion of 2 colors.

Saxony Dist., Inc. is the leading designer and distributor of the finest floor coverings serving the interior design trade. Over the years, Saxony has grown through innovation in design and concentration on being the best supplier of service, products and personal attention. This is what the Saxony label represents. Our product range includes but not limited to exclusive Wilton, Hand Tufted, Hand Knotted as well as many other textures and qualities from around the world. Saxony continues to create one of a kings rugs and carpet for the trade.

For more information regarding carpet styles, reference material released by one of the manufacturing mills.   They spend millions on research/development and can be trusted to communicate clearly without tricky marketing.