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Stain Resistant Carpets Spots and Spills

PROMPT REMOVAL OF SPOTS AND SPILLS Stain resistant carpets greatly improve your ability to remove most common household spills and stains. However, it is important to note that no carpet is completely stain proof. Stain-resistant finishes hold the spill on the fiber’s surface, providing more time to absorb the liquid and use spot removal techniques […]

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Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning At Carpet Connection we not only help you find affordable carpet in the Denver area but also inform you about carpet maintenance. With the Winter season right around the corner, it’s important to be prepared and knowledgeable. In addition to frequent vacuuming, it’s important to clean your carpet on a regular basis. Cleaning […]

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How to Remove most Carpet Stains

Coffee. Red Wine. Ketchup and mustard. Just the mention of these most common stain offenders is enough to send a chill down the spine of homeowners everywhere. And from holidays to birthdays, Super Bowls to March Madness, there is an endless source of get-togethers in your home, with every meal a chance for these offenders […]

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