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Carpet Fibers

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Comparing Carpet Fibers There are four basic fibers that are used for manufacturing purposes. While all fibers have a place, unique characteristics could make one option a better choice vs. another. It is our goal to understand your objectives; style, budget, and quality while offering practical advice and long term solutions. Trained consultants offer expertise […]

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Residential Carpet – Preventative Maintenance

No other home furnishing product will enhance your home’s overall appearance more than new carpet. It adds style and luxurious comfort and, when properly selected and maintained, represents one of the best investments you can make in adding to the beauty of your home’s interior. We appreciate your investment in Dixie Home carpet. Our commitment […]

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Softness, comfort, texture, color…there are countless reasons to love carpet. Think about that moment when you first step out of bed each morning. That welcoming touch of warmth is a perfect start to your day. And think about that moment when you stretch out on the floor to play a game with your kids and […]

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