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4 Reasons to Choose STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ Carpet

STAINMASTER® LIVEWELL™ CARPET: GET HELP FIGHTING DUST AND ALLERGENS We know the lengths you’ll go to provide a clean and comfortable home. Now here’s a solution that works beautifully: STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ carpet. It’s the first carpet and cushion system designed to reduce dust and allergen-particle buildup without adding steps to your cleaning routine. MAKE HOME […]

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Carpet-Comfort and So Much More

Softness, comfort, texture, color…there are countless reasons to love carpet. Think about that first step out of bed each morning. That welcoming touch of warmth is a perfect start to the day. And think of all the great memories being stretched out on the floor playing games with friends or family feeling the softness cushioning […]

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R2X Stain Resistance

Our R2X® Stain and Soil Repellant protects carpet fibers from dirt and spills.

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The Pros and Cons of Carpeting

Just as with everything else in this world, residential carpeting and its utility have two sides of the coin. Carpets today are among the top flooring choices for both residential and commercial spaces. They make your home look and feel cozy, comfortable, and chic without requiring much hassle with installation. And while there are many […]

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