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Choosing The Best Carpeting For Kids’ Room

Kids’ Room Carpets – How to Choose the Best One?

The carpet in your home should last up to a decade provided it is upheld, cared for, and professionally cleaned and installed. Flooring plays a prominent role in adding aesthetic value to the interior of residential and commercial properties. This is especially true for carpets that come in numerous designs and colors.

However, if you are looking for kids’ room carpets, you need to be wary of your choices to ensure both safety of your kids and the longevity of carpet.

Ideally, carpets for kids’ room should be those that self-clean, are non-staining, and made with materials that don’t hold odors. However, if real-world situations are considered, this seems like an unrealistic fantasy.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that you should consider when buying kids’ room carpets. Let’s take at look at these.

Choosing the Best Carpet for Kids’ Room

1. The Right Fiber

When it comes to general carpet selection, there are four types of fibers that you can choose from including wool, nylon, polypropylene, or Triexta (solution-dyed polyester). Below are their pros and cons.

Wool makes for a hard-wearing material with high-end insulating properties. However, it is the hardest to clean and the best breeding spot for asthma triggers and allergens.

Nylon is nice-to-touch and long-lasting. But then again, these carpets can also fade when placed near windows and those that have aged a bit are prone to getting stained easily.

This material is sturdy enough to resist bleaching and stains. It attracts oil, becomes really difficult to clean after a few years of usage, and feels coarse or rough upon touching.

Triexta (solution-dyed polyester)
Triexta makes for the perfect choice for those looking to buy carpets for kids. The material is durable, soft upon touch, and resistant to UV rays and stains. In a nutshell, it has all the properties one would want in order to keep children safe and get maximum ROI.

2. Cut and Loop Pile

The term ‘piles’ refers to the fabric loops of your home’s carpet. There are two types of capret piles including cut or plush and loop pile.

Cut or plush carpet is one that is extremely cozy and comfortable for kids to sit and play. They add a comfy appeal to the rooms. While cut-pile is probable to display pile-reversal or ‘tracking’ after a certain period of time, this should not be an issue if you are buying carpets for kids’ room.

On the other hand, loop-pile carpets are far tougher than cut-pile and less probable to undergo reversal or tracking. However, these carpets are hard upon touching and feel rough under the feet. Hence, they can’t be regarded as a good kids’ room carpet material.

As already evident, cut-pile carpets are what you should prefer when choosing a carpet for your kids’ room. The same is what experts in the field recommend.

3. Color Preference

You may be inclined to go for light, bright tones when on the lookout for kids’ room carpets, but the best option is to go for slightly darker tones or printed carpets. Kids are likely to spill things on the carpet that could be hard to clean and the stains may not always go away. With a dark-colored or printed fabric, you don’t really have to worry about such stains

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