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Keep Your Carpet Clean This Spring!

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Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean in Spring Spring is a time of renewal when the snow begins to melt and flowers begin to emerge. Unfortunately, it is also a time of mud, standing water, and potentially devastating stains on your beautiful carpets. Between your kids and your pets, your carpet is vulnerable throughout the spring, […]

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Dream Weaver FAQ – Quality carpet. Easy care.

Frequently Asked Questions Care & Maintenance Guide for full warranty information and tips for how to best care and maintain your Dream Weaver carpet. What type of vacuum should I use and how often do you recommend vacuuming? The Carpet and Rug Institute provides a great list of recommended vacuums that can be found here. The CRI […]

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PureBac™ is the first premium backing system

Once again, Innovation Reinvented by Dream Weaver Carpet and Engineered Floors, and this time it’s “A Better Backing System.”  PureBac™ is the first premium backing system on our own PureColor® Fiber system, and is currently applied to select Dream Weaver styles. Not only does PureBac™ offer unprecedented flexibility and dimensional stability, it also includes an […]

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Carpet-Comfort and So Much More

Softness, comfort, texture, color…there are countless reasons to love carpet. Think about that first step out of bed each morning. That welcoming touch of warmth is a perfect start to the day. And think of all the great memories being stretched out on the floor playing games with friends or family feeling the softness cushioning […]

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R2X Stain Resistance

Our R2X® Stain and Soil Repellant protects carpet fibers from dirt and spills.

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SoftBac Platinum Carpet Backing

The flexible and wrinkle-free carpet backing systemShaw’s flexible carpet backing system offers a host of benefits over traditional backings.More than 750 million square yards of the innovation have been installed with no backing-related consumer complaints. One industry observer wrote of SoftBac, “…on occasion, product introductions wind up doing more than we all expect.”

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Denver Design Its All About The Color

Even though grey is one of the most talked about colors in the world of home design, fashion people still often overlook grey when painting the interior of their houses.  For some reason, it can be seen as bland or too dark. However, grey is one of the most effective neutral shades incorporated into room […]

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4 Benefits of Carpet Padding

While there is a wide range of carpet options that homeowners can choose from today, each type comes with its pros and cons. There can be noticeable differences in carpet lifespan and maintenance by adding padding. If you are going for wall-to-wall or broadloom a pad specified at 1/2 inch 8 pound with mesh for […]

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How to Keep Your Carpet Clean in the Winter

One thing that worries home and commercial property owners the most is the thought of getting their dirty carpet due with ice and snow in winter. This is major because cleaning the carpets with snow or ice is a daunting task and not something that can be done with ordinary means. If you are looking […]

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Salt Stains on Commercial Carpets – Causes and Prevention

It is not unusual for property owners to see salt stains on commercial carpets when winter comes around. As soon as the season kicks in, the use of ice melt and rock salt products to melt ice and snow on roads becomes quite familiar. The residue of these products eventually results in stains. Salt stains […]

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