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Reaching out to tell you I LOVE MY CARPET!! The crew did an amazing job!!

Hi Celia! I got your message and wanted to let you know that Jesus and his crew were wonderful! They showed up on time and were very professional. The work they did was great quality.

Carlos was the lead and I cannot say enough good things about him. Very friendly and thorough!! He had no problem adapting to last-minute modifications I made and went out of his way to make our home beautiful again! Great pride in workmanship! Carlos is definitely an asset to your company and we will be using carpet connections in the future..and requesting Carlos as well!!
-Kristin Hopper


WE ALL LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CARPET!!! The installers did such a great job and they were so nice!!! Thank you for all your help!!! You truly gave us good advice.

Just want to say thank you again for working with us to make the install happen ASAP! I already knew you were good, but now my clients do too! And, they’re remodeling a home they live in, so it may be relevant. Thank you again!
-Chris Cote

I’ve heard such great things about your business and what you provide so we are really excited about working with you.

My carpet install at my house went. It actually very well it looks great. We are extremely happy and wish we would’ve done this sooner. Thank you all for being great with follow up and helping us with our whole move. We appreciate it.

I got your name and contact information from Marla. She is a dear friend of mine and she highly recommended you for carpet.

>Hey, just calling to say thank you! The carpet turned out really good! We got the tenants moved in and they’re all happy!

Installers were great! All good, Thanks!
-Matt W.

The carpet turned out great!  My mom was staying with us and is now wanting to replace her carpet.
-J. R.

Hello Celia, Adam here. Thank you for your call. Thank you again for finding the installers to come out to do the carpet. They did a great job and it looks awesome, it was nice to get it in before Easter because I had a ton of family coming over. Thanks again for your help.

Hey Shelly, I got your name from word of mouth. I’ve heard lots of good recommendations! -Danielle

Hello Shelly, I do a lot of work with some of the other people at our office. Actually, you do a lot of work. I think that I’ve actually met you at another listing I do have another project… -Cindy Remax Professionals

Thank you, Michelle!
The installers did a really good job! I appreciate the quick setup to get the carpet done.

Hello Shelly! I’m a real estate broker you recently replaced the carpet for some clients of mine in Highlands Ranch, Mike and Tammy just before we listed their home. I was very impressed with the price and the work. I have another client and we’re getting ready to list their home. I was wondering if you can get an estimate for their carpet.
-Cindy Mitchell

Hooray! It’s carpet day! My little rug rats couldn’t wait to lay on the new carpet! ❤️❤️❤️

Awesome! Thanks for your help in making our house a home! 🏡 ❤️

Hi, Michelle your guy just did a great job we really appreciate it everything looks so nice. Makes a world of difference. So thanks for everything and we definitely will call you if we have any more carpet needs recommend you for sure so it looks great.

Carpet job is complete! Jesus and Paco did a great job, and were very helpful!
Thanks to you too for flexibility and patience.
Until the next referral

Just wanted to let you know that we couldn’t be happier. It’s beautiful. Clint Jaramillo, the installer, was awesome…a real craftsman. Thanks again. Marta will post a review.
-Tom Jordon

Yeah, Celia, this is Michael over at St. Pius 10th Catholic Church. Yeah, I just wanna let you know yeah the carpet looks great you did a good job up there so thank you very much and have a good day.

Thank you so much for the call I’m glad you like our carpet choice Michelle was awesome. I called you in the message before she’s just fantastic and yes next Tuesday the 12th would be wonderful so we can do we need to have somebody here for the project. How does that work and yeah just let me know and yeah let’s schedule that. I can’t remember if you said the time I’ll check the message again but we would love that. So count us in.
-Melissa Boyle

Shelly, I have stopped in at the little townhouse on Fraser Ct. Carpet looks GREAT!! Thanks to you and your team for a quick install. Now cross your fingers for a quick sale too, please! I am in need of a carpet stretcher for one room in an upcoming listing. Who do you recommend? Thx!
-From Barb Cline

I just wanted to touch base and thank you for the very thoughtful gift you sent the other week. It’s been so hectic with getting thing unpacked that I just realized I never replied! My apologies on the delay.
We’re loving our new home and new carpets. We’ve only had a few family members over to this point, but everyone always comments on the quality (or color) of the carpets.
Thanks so much for helping to make our house a home! At some point in the future, we’d like to finish our basement mostly with carpet and you will definitely be who we call.
Thanks again,
-Paul Nagy & Sharon Peterson

I just got your message you calling about our carpet install and we love it. We really really love it every day we say it’s awesome it feels like a brand-new house so thank you so much the flowers were great and yeah thank you for all your help and we keep referring you to all of our friends to come in and see what all you call. Anyway thank you and thanks for the call. I hope you have a great day. Thanks.

Love the new carpet. Install went great and it looks perfect. Very happy with everything. Thank you so much for your help.
-Sam Stookesberry

I was absolutely so thoroughly impressed with your company, your prices, your scheduling, communication, and the installers. And then you followed up with this card. Class Act. I will be spreading the news

I wanted to let you know we got our carpet in this week and I love that it is wonderful it is beautiful I’m delighted so thank you so much for helping us. We put Pelican Bay in and we love it. So thank you very much we’ll certainly refer you to anyone who we know that needs carpeting. Thanks

Hi, Michelle, I wanted to let you know we got our carpet this week and I love that it is wonderful it is beautiful I’m delighted so thank you so much for helping us. We put Pelican Bay in and we love it. So thank you very much we’ll certainly refer you to anyone who we know that needs carpeting.

When you buy your carpet from Carpet Connection of Denver you can afford to carpet an Igloo

-PJ Lewis

Hey Michelle!  Wanted to say thank you for the awesome job Jose did last week on our installation!  The carpet looks great,we love the color and how everything turned out.  Jose was absolutely lovely to work with!
Thanks a billion!

Mike and Estelle,

We are getting ready to place the order for your carpet and wanted to get you in touch with our wonderful carpet supplier, Shelly. She can meet with you with a few options samples that are within the current budget on the house and let you select the style/color that works best for you.
-Martin Miller

Shelly, I cannot say enough positive things about Bart and his assistant Michael. They are so conscientious, skilled and thorough and I am so grateful to have those carpet areas stretched so well! I appreciate Faith getting me on Bart’s schedule and for Bart’s excellent follow through and expertise!Thank you thank you!! Debbie
-Debbie Aragon

Bart did a great job on my carpet,  it looks fantastic
-Bill Elliott

Hi this is Lorna Fairchild I’m just returning your follow up call about our carpet installation and I just want to let you know that they did a wonderful job. Our two main installers were Jesus and Gerardo and they were wonderful to work with and very thorough and left everything clean at a wonderful job so I would definitely recommend them again. So if you need any more information please give me a call but otherwise thank you very much.

Hi Michelle,

Our carpet was installed yesterday and it looks absolutely spectacular.  It is a prefect match to the rest of the house and makes such a HUGE difference!!  I am not sure if you have the same installers each time but our guys Jose and Felipe (sp) were great.  Jose is one of the most, if not THE most, friendly contractors I have dealt with.  He was courteous and professional and with some of the issues I had during the rest of the basement finish, he was a pleasure to work with.

Hi there my name is Sydney Black and my colleague gave me your contact information at the great carpet resource. I am trying to get a small little studio recarpeted as soon as possible and I’m wondering if you guys have any availability and we live in Boulder. So not sure if you work in boulder or not but if you do that would be awesome and if you could call me back at your convenience again my name is Sydney. Thanks so much have a good day.
– Sydney

Hi Michelle!

I wanted to reach out and thank you for helping us to get carpet installed in the 2 upper rooms before all of our big events!! The carpet choice is beautiful!

Paul and I are planning on having the basement and other spare bedroom done after we wrap up with these family events. I will call you to schedule that.

Hope your day is going well!  Thank goodness for warmer weather!
-M Hartnett

Hello Shelly, My name is Ruth Ali, A L I. Andy your son gave me your number, we’re looking to replace some carpet in a house out in Bennette to get it ready for the market and wondered if we could chat. You’re highly recommended so what’s good for Andy is probably gonna be good for me. If you could give me a call Monday, we’ll just chat and see what we can come up with. I thank you so much and have a great day!
– Ruth

Hey Shelly, it’s Vik. Give me a call please, my eagles club, where you donated money for the dog through the eagles club. We need new carpet and it’s a pretty big place, ranch level with a whole upstairs, big job. I know your guys would be the best, and that’s what I’ve already told the president and his wife of the eagles club to call you first and foremost or at least to call you guys because you’ll be the ones they’ll hire eventually. Anyway give me a call, let me take you over there and have you take a peak around if you like or you can just do your regular job and do it through them. Theresa, this all goes for you too honey since i’m not sure who will be doing what. Anyway it’s 11:30 on Thursday, call Vicki, get the eagles club taken care of. Okay bye, Love you both bye.
– Vicki

Hi, Shelly. This is Debbie Wagner and I’m a friend of Lon Malika and He gave me your number he said your awesome. Umm and I would like a carpet estimate. I’m in Highlands Ranch I want to put my house on the market here in the next couple of months and I feel like I probably should invest in some carpet just before I do that so, Thank you so very much, Thanks bye
– Debbie Wagner

>Hi Michelle, I hope all is well! Our carpet looks BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this process. We are so happy.
-Mallory & Mike, Denver

Hi Shelly, my name is Ruth. Angie gave me your number. We are looking to replace some carpet in a house in Bennett to get it ready for the market, and wondered if we could chat? You are highly recommended, so what is good enough for Angie is probably good enough for me! Please give me a call on Monday and we will chat and see what we can come up with. I thank you so much, and have a great day!
-Ruth, Bennett

Theresa, I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU for the job well done and the quick turnaround. It made such a huge difference in the home and looks great! Perfect color. Thank you, thank you!
-Amanda Sheppard, Porch Light Real Estate Group

Thanks for the wonderful carpet, it looks fantastic! House on the market, it [the carpet] is a selling feature.
-Karen T.

Hi Michelle, I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job Mario & Edwardo [the installers that you referred] did installing my carpet. Their work ethic is totally professional and it was a pleasure having them in my home. So much so that we even enjoyed a beer together when the work was completed! I would give them the highest possible recommendation. Additionally, I would like to thank you for your courteous and extremely knowledgeable assistance in helping me select my carpet. It looks beautiful!! Thanks again!!!
-Tim L., Thornton

Michelle Hayes and her team are AMAZING! Almost every week I sit in the DMAR [Dallas Metro Area Realtors] marketing meeting, someone will share how Michelle came in and saved the day with amazing service, super responsiveness, and great selection.
-Ben Binger, New American Funding

Hi, Shelly. This is Tiffany with Kentwood, and also the house in Wash Park that you just came and did. The carpet is amazing and looks wonderful! The guys (I think it was Mario and & forget the other one’s name) but they were fantastic! So I just wanted to Thank You, and I also wanted to ask you if you do commercial carpet. My Dad is a dentist, owns his own practice and they need to get re-carpeted sooner than later. They had some water flooding earlier this week, so I thought I would give you a call since you’ve been wonderful with me. So let me know if that is something that you guys do. Thanks!
– Tiffany

>Michelle, I wanted to thank you for your guidance in choosing carpet for my new townhouse – I absolutely love it! I also wanted to thank you for making the trip to Sedalia for my client, Kelly. Looking forward to seeing the huge improvement carpet will make before we list! So grateful to be working with you!
– Jaime G., Keller Williams Executive Realty

Hello, this is Cherise. We recently ad carpet that we purchased from you all. We gotta tell you that we love it, and we love the padding, and we loved the installation. And just thank you so much for having such a good product!
– Cherise M, Aurora

Hi Shelly, thank you for your email and THANK YOU for what you did over at Treasure House. They’ve been wanting carpet in there for years! This was a huge blessing for them…. thank you, again!
-John Zolman, Open Door Minstries

Hi Shelly, it’s Jan Watson. I just wanted to say I got busy this week and haven’t had a minute to call you. I love my carpet! I wanted to speak kindly of Jose, I told him I would do that. He was excellent, did a very nice job, him and his buddy (I don’t remember the guys name that was with him)but I was very happy! So again, thank you my dear! I’m going to pass you on to a neighbor in my neighborhood here, the Mortenson’s might be calling you. I don’t know when, but sometime. I told them to mention my name. I’ve got your card, and when I need carpet or my clients [need carpet] I will turn them on to you. Have a great one! Thank you again!
– Jan Watson

We are SO pleased with our new carpet!!! We made the right choice and absolutely love it! Thank you!!!
– Patti D., Lone Tree

Hi Shelly, it’s Cathy Chapel. My carpet was installed on Thursday and it looks fabulous! Thank you! I am very pleased!
-Cathy Chapel

Hi Shelly, my name is Anna, and I live in Lakewood in a residential house and we are in need of new carpet in our home. I got a recommendation about you from a lady I the neighborhood on the Next Door We are having a hard time finding a carpet company that we feel like we can trust because we keep getting different measurements and the prices of the quotes keep going up from our original quote. So that’s where I’m struggling so I’m hoping you can come out here and help me. You say on your website that you can save up to 40% off, and we are looking at needing quite a bit of carpet.
– Anna, Lakewood

>Hey, Shelly this is Mike Holt. I was referred to you by Seth, and I bought that carpet for my basement. They just installed it. I wanted to let you know that the carpet looks great, and thanks for everything! If I see someone else with a need for carpet I sure will pass on your information. Thanks again, talk to you later.
– Mike, Denver

Hi Michelle, it’s Nancy. I want to thank you for the carpet and the installation crew [that you referred me to]. Everything is fantastic! They are professional and did such a beautiful job and I wanted you to be aware. Thank you so much for your assistance. Maybe in the future we will do this again!
– Nancy E., Aurora

Hi Shelly, my name is Jennifer. You replaced carpet for us in a house that we sold in Centennial last year. We live in Franktown now, and we are looking to get a few bedrooms and some hall carpet replaced. I am looking for an estimate from you, if that would be possible. You know we were really happy with the work that you did last year, so hoping that Franktown is in your service are.
– Jennifer Butler Franktown

Hi Shelly, my name is Charles Hawes. I have been referred to you by a friend of mine, James Brauer in Stapleton. Anyway, Jim said you guys did a great job at a reasonable price. I’ve got a house in Stapleton that I need to recarpet by June 1 or thereabout. I’ve got new tenants moving in that requested this. Should be around 1000 square feet, we haven’t measured it yet…. but it’s the whole upstairs and two staircases.
– Charles, Stapleton

Hi Shelly, I got your name from Charlie Black. He said that you were the best person to talk to about whole house carpet purchases. Please give me a call when you have a moment.
– Ann N.

I have some basement stairs that I need to get re-carpeted. I heard some very good things about you from some of my neighbors around here where I live, so if you could give me a call I would like to have you come over and get an estimate done to see how much it would cost me to have that done.
– Ruth

Hi Shelly, my name is Dan Gilmer and I work at Your Castle Real Estate with Miles Goldman and he gave me your contact information. He said that you guys are really good with carpet, and my guy has started kinda flaking out on me over the past year, so….. I have someone who I gave your contact information to – her name is Sharon Green, she may be getting in touch with you. But I’d love to just touch base with you and talk a little about your business. Like I said, I’m looking for a good, reliable carpet person and Miles always knows good people and I trust him.
– Dan with Castle Real Estate

Hi Shelly! I am working with Keller Williams Realty Success as a broker. We have a client – Rodney- who has some carpet renovation needs in his basement. We are getting names of various people to contact, and of course, your name is at the top of the list! You should be receiving a call from him. I just wanted to be able to tell them that I reached out to you. Thank you.
– Chris, Keller Williams

Hi Shelly, my name is Ryan Clark, I was referred to you by Chad Wickstrom who works in my Keller Williams office. I just wanted to touch base with you. He recommended you very highly about some carpeting and flooring. I have some buyers who are looking to buy a property and the hardwood floors need to be refinished and the carpet needs to be replaced due to smell from some dogs. So I was calling to get some basic idea and hopefully get you out to the property at some point to give us an idea of what we are in for.
– Ryan Clark Realtor

Hello Shelly, this is Jane Mang. I hope you remember me… you just did my whole house. We carpeted it and it looks so good that we sold our house! Now we are buying another house and it need new carpet.
– Jane Mang

Shelly, Thank you for all of your time and help with our new flooring needs. We are very grateful for you, and we are excited to do it all over again! Thank you for being a trusted and reliable vendor in the market. I look forward to sending more folks your way!!!
– Lance & Amy S., Parker

Hi Shelly, my name is John Jarvas, and this morning Sherri Christiansen highly recommended you and your carpet company. We are in need of carpet pretty much throughout the whole house. We may divide it and do one floor and then another – I don’t know about that yet. But anyway, I would appreciate a call back.
– John Jarvas

Everything was great! Love the new carpet!!
— Ashley S., Aurora

Hi Crystal, this is Susan Curtis calling, and I just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with the carpet!
– Susan

>Michelle, I just wanted you and Shelly to know how happy we are with the new carpet. We were extremely happy with the professionalism and expediency of the installation crew [that you referred us to]. Nice guys and they did a great job! Thank you so much!
– Ken & Kay Ferguson, Castle Rock

Hi Shelly, this is Marcus. I was calling you back. I wanted to see if you could help me with some carpet. My friend Jason told me to get in touch with you. He said you are very good.
– Marcus

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. I LOVE my carpet – it’s awesome and everyone who comes to the house thinks so, too! I walk on it barefoot all the time since it is so soft. Thanks for all your help! I have given your email out to a couple of people this week who will be reaching out to you.
-Sarah T., Lone Tree

Good afternoon, Shelly! My name is Manuel. I am calling because I received your name from Buck LaPar who is refinishing my basement and he suggested that I reach out to you in terms of being able to look at carpet options, what have you. He said that you do very good work and you’re a competitive price.
-Manual Contractor Refferal

Shelly, thank you for your generosity in providing Treasure House with new carpet. We are loving it!
-Lindsay & Treasure House

Hi Shelly! My name is Linda Purkey. I have two daughters who have used you recently within the last year or so and have been very please with your help. Cassie Bolis and Mandy & Wes Stites…. We are in need of carpeting in our home, and maybe wood floors – I’m not sure how we are going to go yet, but I would like some ideas and some help. Don’t know that we are ready to do it yet, maybe September? But would love to talk with you about what we are thinking.
– Linda Purkey

The carpet is installed and it looks so pretty! It is exactly what we were envisioning!
–Emily C., Superior

Hi, my name is Charles West. I was referred to you by Doug Whitaker. I’m getting some carpeting done in my entire downstairs, about 1500 square feet of carpet, and he said that you would give me a beautiful deal, and you do very good work.
– Charles West Past Client Referral

I want to thank all of the wonderful people who helped me get new carpet in my home! Michelle Hayes was wonderful, kind, and patient helping me! Terrazas Carpet [who you referred me to for install] were good to me and did a GREAT job! Theresa helped keep me informed. Thank you sincerely,
-Judy K., Aurora

Hi Shelly! This is Lindsey Gilchrist. You worked with us on our carpet purchase. I got a message from someone in your office a couple of weeks ago wondering how things went, and we have just been crazy with the move-in. I just wanted to make sure that I called back to tell you that everything was fabulous! They did a fabulous job with install, and the carpet looks great! We really appreciate everything.
-Lyndsey New Home

Shelly, Thanks for your help with our carpet need. Your ongoing support of the Realtor Community and our clients is such a blessing. We definitely will have you over to see what a beautiful change the carpet will make to our house.
– Bert and Karen Hermelink, Aurora

Carpet? Amazing! You? Just a total gem!!! You are the epitome of class, style, customer service, quality product and exceeding my expectations! You are just the BOMB! You should have run for President! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
-Elizabeth, Denver

Thank you for the pricing bid on the carpet. I appreciate your professionalism and knowledge of your product. As we discussed, I will leave the selection of grade and color up to you as I trust your judgement and expertise. On a personal note: I was impressed with your candor and would be honored to be considered your friend. Most of all….Thank you for being who you choose to be. Warm personal regards,

Carpet Connection is the greatest company for my buyers and sellers in need of flooring! You give great service and have great prices.
–Vickie Nelson, New Vistas Realty, Denver

Hi Michelle. I received the beautiful card! Thank you! I am happy more than words can describe with the carpet. The whole experience was flawless from Carpet Connection. Your great assistance in getting the best color/quality for my need. Loved that you met me at work. Every touch from you was excellent. Thank you, all the best to you, and of course I will recommend you to anyone interested in carpet. If every interaction was as great as mine was with Carpet Connection, life would be so smooth!
– Karen, Denver

Shelly and her team are GREAT!  Awesome customer service, GREAT PRICES and products. I would highly recommend Carpet Connection to anyone!
-Matt, on Yelp

You had put in our carpet the day before Thanksgiving and I just wanted to tell you — and I’ve been meaning to call — that we absolutely love it! We are very happy. So, I just wanted to say thank you. We are definitely going to keep your number on file for our friends and family that want your services in the future. Thank you so much!”
-Listen to Theresa McDowell Testimonial

Shelly visited me at the warehouse. She asked about my objectives, educated me on quality, coached me on savings, and consulted with me on style. There was no charge for the information and the visit. At (name removed), I was encouraged to spend $21.99 per square yard. She suggested understanding quality and shopping smart. It resulted in a Stain Master Product for less money. I saved $2,500.00 on the exact same product vs retail.” –
-Linda Goodins, CO

Coenen Homes is an established builder in the Denver Metro Area for the last 30 years. As such, we are very particular about our trade partners because they are a direct reflection on us. Carpet Connection has been a part of our team for 5 years, providing excellent service and pricing. Shelly personally meets with us and our customers, offering expertise on price, quality, and design. They love the personal touch. The savings are for real, as well. We have compared pricing and she beats the competition every time by 25% – 40%. It is a relief to know that carpet can be simple. It is taken care of without headaches and hassle. Due to the savings, the customer gets more product for the dollar and, in most cases, we come in under budget.”
-Donna Cuthbertson, Coenen Homes

Michelle and team are great! She will meet you anywhere, even a Starbucks. The consultation was efficient and she really made our decision easy. A quick turnaround. The best part is the prices are better than you can get at any big box store!
– Tony, CO

Carpet Connection is best in town. Not only were they on time for every appointment, but their prices were more honest than everybody else we interviewed. I’m in the real estate business, and carpet referrals come readily. I will always start and end with Carpet Connection after this. Highly recommend it to anybody shopping carpet.
– Tally, Denver on Yelp

We worked with Michelle for our consultation, and it was a quick and smooth process. She was very helpful and answered all our questions. The quote she was able to give us was drastically less than what we were looking at through Home Depot, for a better quality carpet.

She passed us off to the installer’s and it looks great.
– Ashley, CO

Hey Shelly! It was so great to meet you today.  They must love you at KW … it’s all a few realtors were talking about. 🙂  I can get together for coffee next week on Monday anytime or Wednesday morning before 12.

Looking forward to getting to know you more!
-Hillary Denham, Jake’s Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

We could not be happier with how the carpet turned out. We just really wanted to thank you so much for all of your time. We could not be happier. If we need carpet in our new house, when we finally get moved, we will give you a call. Thanks so much.”

Thank you for the brownies! And a big thank you for assisting us with
choosing just the right carpet – we are very pleased. We are happy to recommend you to anyone who is considering new carpet.
Diane Anderson

Shelly, hi it’s Barbara, I just wanted to tell you we LOVE the carpet. The family is enjoying it so thank you very much. We really appreciate the brownies you sent, everyone enjoyed them. Everything is great and were loving it! See you soon!

Dear Shelly,
The Board was impressed with your knowledge and professionalism, and could tell you really “did your homework”. Great job! I’ll look forward to getting the samples when they are ready.

Thank you.

Susan Milbrath, CAM, CMCA, AMS

Community Manager

Carpet Connection is the best carpet company there is in the Denver area. The owner is the best!
–Will Hamm, Hamm Homes