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Time-Less Trends


Carpet and flooring can create a powerful difference in your home. Here at Carpet Connection we are well aware of this and are dedicated to crafting the best homes in the Denver area. Furniture and décor can change and evolve over time depending on the latest trends. The same can be said for carpet and flooring. Carpet Connection wants to supply you with a style that stays fresh for years. We want to give you a few ways that have your home withstanding the chic of time. “These time-tested trends have captured the attention of flooring and design experts,” says our friends from the Mills in Georgia.


Delustered flooring, a non-glossy look, generates a trendy European setting. You can select a carpet with a woolen cottony finish and pair it with a raw hardwood. Putting these two elements together creates a hand-hewn appearance. This will allow your room to shine without adding luster.

Play With Patterns

Patterned carpet gives the impression of texture and layers that adds a phenomenal visual. With these techniques you can draw the eye to any space in your home. When choosing your carpet it is recommended to select a classic pattern that accents your style without overpowering it. Ask any of our consultants at Carpet Connection for their expertise on the matter and they will help you be a step ahead of the next fashion craze.

Bespoke Charm

Not all floors are truly bespoke, meaning made to order. We all want our carpet to last, not only durably but fashionably as well. Delivering on a promise, our promise to hit your objectives, quality, budget and style.