Best Carpets for Homes With Pets

Tips for buying the Best Carpet for Pets. Carpets and pets don’t make a pleasant combo unless you get your hands on the right type of carpet for pets.

Buying the Best Carpet for Pets

Carpets and pets don’t make a pleasant combo unless you get your hands on the right type of carpet for pets. Carpets are hard to clean, even in places where there are no pets. However, the beauty and coziness they bring to homes are unmatchable.

Hardwood flooring options are low-maintenance and easy to clean but then again, you can’t expect them to be as warm, fluffy, and cozy as carpets feel under your feet. No other flooring option can beautify your home’s interior the way carpets do with their wide range of materials, styles, textures, colors, and designs.

That said, if you are looking for a carpet for pets that don’t require a lot of hard work to be cleaned and is durable, there is a host of carpeting options available to cater to this need.

Here is what to consider to buy the best carpet for pets.

Stain and Soil Resistance Carpets

Regardless of how well-trained your pet is, you can always expect the occasional accident on your home’s carpet, especially when the pet isn’t keeping well. For this reason, it is important to pick a carpet that will not spoil with your pet’s occasional pee or other litter.

What you can do when looking for the best carpets for pets is hunt materials that are pre-treated with soil-and-stain-resistant chemicals. These chemicals keep any liquids from penetrating into the fibers of the material so that there are no stains.

You can also choose a carpet that is made of synthetic fibers with stain-repellants sprayed all over their surface. These carpets are also less likely to absorb bad odors from pet waste and other similar things.


Carpets are costly. They are not something you can buy every so often. This is the reason the durability of carpets is among the top concerns for homeowners.

If you are on the lookout for the best carpets for pets, one thing that you must consider in the selection process is buying fabric that doesn’t get caught in your pet’s claws. Carpets with loops catch the claws of canines and felines which ultimately results in wear and tear. For this purpose, you should only buy those that are without loops i.e. cut-pile instead of loop-pile.

Fibers and Warranty

When it comes to carpet fibers, wool is a popular choice because of its soil-resistant properties but it doesn’t make for the best buy when you are hunting carpets for pets. In this case, it is better you stick with synthetic fibers that can cope with routine wear and tear nicely.

Nylon is the best, most durable, and stain-resistant carpet fiber that you can choose to buy if you have pets at home. Most synthetics carpets come with an added warranty against damage caused by pet feces and urine. Take professional help from experts, such as those at Carpet Connect, to make an appropriate choice.

Don’t forget to look for physical moisture barriers that prevent pet urine from seeping through the external surface when buying a carpet for pets.

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