Carpet Deals & Calculator

We don’t ask you to spend more, we invite you to shop smart.

Carpet Connection provides you with a no-frills way of purchasing items found at retail for less! The promise to you is greatness on a budget. The store is eliminated so there is no costly overhead. Instead, you are connected with the largest carpet mills in Dalton, Georgia to give you the best carpet deals possible.

Savings & Value

As consumers, it’s easy to walk through the front doors of a big carpet outlet and meander through fancy showrooms with latte vendors and fancy lighting. But really, when you purchase carpet from those retail outlets you are paying for all of those operating costs — from personnel, to the lights, to the building maintenance. Carpet Connection offers all of the same carpet varieties as retail locations without expensive showrooms and operating expenses. We don’t offer lattes, but we do offer savings and value.

Price Comparison

sidebar-carpet101 Compare the prices and see for yourself.  At retail, prices are bundled together and given to you by the square foot. This marketing practice is common and very misleading because the price per foot appears cheaper. Carpet is always ordered by the square yard. Multiply the per foot price by 9 (square yard 3×3) to derive the price per yard.

We offer an 8 pound pad for $3.99 per square yard, a retail price comparison is $6.99 – $8.99/yard. We will provide updated info regarding freight and install soon to give you an example of total cost.