Softness, comfort, texture, color…there are countless reasons to love carpet.

Think about that first step out of bed each morning. That welcoming touch of warmth is a perfect start to the day.

And think of all the great memories being stretched out on the floor playing games with friends or family feeling the softness cushioning every move. And think about the first steps of a new-born and the cushion that awaits the inevitable fall. And think about the beauty of a pattern or a texture or a color providing a foundation for a day’s activities.

Carpet is an integral and valuable part of most of our homes. And although consumers love the beauty of other floors like hardwood, laminate, tile, and resilient luxury vinyl flooring, we also know and love all the great benefits of carpet. Here are just a few:

Soft, Luxurious Comfort – There is nothing quite like carpet for a soft place to play, sit, and work.

Warmth – The feel of warmth with each step…especially that first step out of bed each morning. As well as the general, inviting, intangible warmth that a room with carpet provides.

Beautiful, Stunning DesignCarpet can be an incredible design element to the room. Go ahead and choose a striking color, pattern, or texture, it can be the foundation of a room’s entire design.

Unlimited Colors – Color is an important aspect of self-expression and design. The options are truly limitless to create the look that is uniquely you.

Breathe Easier – Multiple scientific studies conclude that carpet fibers trap and immobilize potential allergy-causing particulates from being in the air stream.

Soften Slips and Falls – Regardless of age–from the young to the elderly–there are great benefits to having slip-resistant carpet in one’s home to minimize slips and cushioning the fall if they do occur.

Reduces NoiseCarpet combined with carpet pad serves as a tremendous noise reducer in your home.

A Durable Solution – With today’s technology, carpets are a durable and sound investment for even the busiest of homes.

Go ahead and fall head over heels for carpet. Then enjoy the soft, comfortable landing.