Taste is personal and unique

sidebar-about-us1Unlimited choices and options are available to satisfy all customers. High quality, brand name products like Stainmaster, Anso, and RX2 are offered for customers concerned about longevity. For the investor or builder, base grade carpets are stocked and offered at $6.99—8.99/yd.

While style is important, quality is often critical. Carpet Connection assists you in achieving both objectives. Retail outlets provide a plethora of information on quality that can be very confusing and often misleading. The carpet industry endorses three tests to gauge the quality of a product: fiber, brand, and twist. Please refer to our Carpet 101 section for more information. Once these tests are satisfied, stop spending. At retail, you are encouraged to spend more to get more. At Carpet Connection, you are encouraged to shop smart. It will result in more carpet for your buck – trust us, your feet will feel the difference and so will your pocketbook.

Looking for something specific?

Take a look at some of the carpet and flooring companies that we work with to provide discounts to you, our customer. If you have questions, or would like to set up your free in-home consultation (Denver Based), give us a call today at 303.564.1777.