Even though grey is one of the most talked about colors in the world of home design, fashion people still often overlook grey when painting the interior of their houses.  For some reason, it can be seen as bland or too dark. However, grey is one of the most effective neutral shades incorporated into room design. It gives off a sophisticated look that goes with any shade of furniture or accessories.
There are also several different types of designs with versatile colors. Consider these ideas for a classy vibe that’ll impress your guests

Connect with nature

For rooms that receive ample amounts of natural lighting due to large windows or sky lights, grey with hints of blue or white is just what the space needs. According to HGTV, the combination of these colors keeps the connection of the room alive with nature.

“Just as you see in nature, a balance between cool and warm colors is important for interiors,” interior designer Adriana Gerbig told HGTV.

Gerbig suggested that if greys are used on bedroom walls, apply a softer warmer grey to balance cooler shades of blue used for bedding. Then add some white throw pillows or other small accessories to emphasize the natural ambiance of the room design. Using an nicely contoured and complimentary shade of grey for the carpet can accentuate the entire decor pulling everything together completely.

Soften a full space

There are often rooms located though out a home design that appear a little busy or distracting as a result of bold architecture, such as slanted or paneled ceilings in a living room or bedroom. Grey carpet could be the perfect solution, adding just the right amount of style to the space, while preventing the need to add any additional design due to its rich texture. The combination of a soft grey carpet will establish a serene space.

Carpet in Tandem with paint

Consider the floor to be the fifth wall. It is one of the largest areas of the home and is merely an extension of your walls. Carpet and paint should be complimentary which means that both areas are “cool or warm”. If there is dichotamy of the parts, the home feels disconnected and lacks a natural flow. Worry less about matching the core areas (carpet and paint) to accessories, as accessories are details. They are in place to add a splash of color and interest. The core pieces (carpet and paint) have core colors that should not compete. The consistency creates a timeless, rich, custom look that will stand the test of time.