Ideas to Utilize Old Carpet Efficiently

5 Uses For Your Old Carpet

A lot of people tend to develop an association with the things they buy. They either like to hoard old things or find disposing used items like carpets difficult. Little things like old carpet lying in the storeroom can become a source of stress in addition to a cause of space issues at home. If you are one such person and are looking for uses of old carpets, you have come to the right place.

Here are 5 uses of old carpets that you can take on to beautify your home’s exterior and interior. Read on!

1.    Rug Ottoman

Got an old carpet or carpet scraps at home? See around if you have a ragged or old ottoman lying around. In case you have both of these, you can give your old, unattractive ottoman a revamp and transform it into a new, nice upholstered one for absolutely no cost.

Ottomans generally cost a couple hundred dollars and you can save all that money simply by swathing the old one on your home with the used carpet that you have. This is the perfect DIY project for those looking to upholster their old ottoman or just seeking a change.

2.      Carpet Boots

Yes, you read that right. You can use carpet scraps to decorate your boots. Appliques will never go out of style and that is what brands are using these days in their own goods. You might have lately come across a few pictures of branded shoes on the internet that use bits and pieces of carpet-like fabric for decoration or are fully covered in it. Well, you too can take on this trend without spending a lot.

3.      Carpet Scratching Post

How about surprising your cat with a new scratch post? It’s really easy! You only need to cut a square piece from an old carpet and paste it onto the lower surface of your cat’s scratch post. This will not only allow for extra scratching space but also make the post look new with the decorative look it gets.

4.      Window Screen Cleaner

Another use of old carpet is using it as a window screen cleaner. Windows are hard to clean, especially when the weather in your area invites pests that wedge into the windows. All that you have to do is cut a few handy strips from the old carpet and use along with soap and water to perfectly clean your window screens.

5.      Drink Coasters, Rugs, Foot Mats

Carpets are great liquid absorbents. Therefore, they can be easily transformed into beautiful drink coasters, foot mats, and even rugs for your home. You simply need to cut out pieces from the old carpet and place them where needed. You can cut out different shapes and designs to make these coasters and rugs look attractive. For drink coasters, you can also use additional stuff for decoration such as stickers and small 3D flowers.he above-given uses of old carpet make for fun DIY projects but carpets are not something you want to replace often. Visit Carpet Connection in Denver to look at varieties that are meant to last!