Using Color to Create a Mood
We typically hear questions like, “I never use our formal dining room and I would like to start entertaining in that space. How can I use color to set a different mood in my dining room?”
Dining rooms are great to experiment with bold color! Many homes today feature open layouts, and owners want to create a cohesive flow throughout the home. The dining room is one place where you can feel free to throw out the usual playbook. Remember, you want to create a feeling in this space that makes you want to have that extra glass of wine. Be sure to consider your lighting when picking color for this room as you will be using it mostly after dark.

• Draw inspirations from your favorite restaurants that make you want to linger.
• When it comes to wall color, or patterns on furniture, we say go for it!
• Is carpet ok for dining rooms? Absolutely – there are advanced options today that are easy to clean and maintain. So push your worries aside and soften up your dining space!
• Remember to bring in interesting artwork as conversation starters.
• Complete your design story by experimenting with interesting detail on the ceiling as well.