Removing loose soil while it is on the surface of the carpet is the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO PROLONG THE LIFE AND BEAUTY OF YOUR CARPET. Footsteps will work the soil deep into the carpet and make the removal of loose soil very difficult. Loose soil particles can scratch the fibers causing premature wear. Regular and thorough vacuuming removes dust and dirt. Vacum to high-traffic areas daily. Vacum traffic areas at least once a week. Up to three passes of the vacuum is considered light cleaning. In heavy traffic areas, five to seven passes may be required.

A vacuum with a rotating brush or combination beater/brush bar which agitates the carpet pile and loosens the soil for removal by the vacuum (unless otherwise noted on carpet sample label) is recommended. Be sure to adjust to the correct carpet pile height for your carpet. If in doubt, start with the brush at the highest position and lower it until it contacts the carpet enough to slightly vibrate the surface pile. Be sure the vacuum has no teeth, combs or rough edges that could damage your carpet.

A word of caution: Some thick loop pile carpets, commonly referred to as “Berbers,” may be sensitive to brushing or rubbing from a brush vacuum attachment. The pile surface may become fuzzy. For this type of carpet, a suction-only vacuum is recommended. Consult your mill recommendations (website) and retail sales consultant for additional information.

For additional information visit the CRI website at or the mill websites.