No other home furnishing product will enhance your home’s overall appearance more than new carpet. It adds style and luxurious comfort and, when properly selected and maintained, represents one of the best investments you can make in adding to the beauty of your home’s interior. We appreciate your investment in Dixie Home carpet.

Our commitment to quality is your assurance of carpet that will perform for years to come. We hope you will take a few minutes of your time to learn how to extend the useful life and beauty of your new carpet.

Residential carpets manufactured with today’s technology seldom “wear out.” Instead, over time accumulated soil and traffic cause the appearance to deteriorate as the carpet loses its original resiliency and luster. You can do much to prolong the life of your carpet by adopting a regular maintenance program that incorporates the following recommendations:

Eighty percent (80%) of all soil brought into a home is tracked in on the soles of shoes. Walk-off mats placed at all outside entrances will trap the soil before it can be tracked onto your new carpet. Clean or replace these mats often so they don’t become a source of soil.
Carpet in traffic lanes receives the most wear. Periodically you may want to alter heavy traffic patterns by relocating furniture. Some change will occur in the texture of your carpet after you start walking on it. This is to be expected.
Use a quality pad. This will absorb foot traffic energy providing greater resiliency. Our Texture Retention warranty requires a pad density of 6 pounds per cubic foot and a maximum 7/16 inch to validate the warranty protection.
Protect your carpet from pile crushing from heavy furniture by placing special cups or gliders under the legs of tables, chairs and other furniture. This will distribute the weight more evenly.
Direct sunlight can cause fading. Protect your carpets with the most appropriate window covering

Bring beauty, style and warmth into your home with Dixie Home carpets. Dixie Home offers an array of high fashion, trend setting residential broadloom carpets which includes traditional velvets, contemporary patterns and a wide range of interesting textures all in exciting, fashion forward colors.