The flexible and wrinkle-free carpet backing system

Shaw’s flexible carpet backing system offers a host of benefits over traditional backings.

More than 750 million square yards of the innovation have been installed with no backing-related consumer complaints. One industry observer wrote of SoftBac, “…on occasion, product introductions wind up doing more than we all expect.”

This patented backing system offers:

  •  No-wrinkle guarantee
  • Unmatched softness and flexibility
  • Greater backing adhesive strength
  • Stronger, less visible seams
  • Resistance to seam peaking
  • Enhanced flexibility during cold weather
  • Higher sound absorption and an increase in insulation capacity

Since its introduction in 1997, SoftBac has proven itself superior across the board. In consumer tests, carpets backed with SoftBac were consistently found to be more comfortable than comparative products, regardless of the padding used.

And the benefits aren’t just ones you can feel. SoftBac offers advantages you can see. Since SoftBac protects the carpet fiber from excessive heat transfer during the application of the backing, shrinkage is minimized, creating a noticeable improvement in the carpet’s appearance. Its ability to bend and fold makes for fewer seams in tight passageways and corners. And its superior stretch allows for less visible seams.

SoftBac isn’t just a consumer favorite, it’s also the installer’s choice. The fleecy texture virtually eliminates scuffing and scratching on your walls and baseboards during installation. And its unique flexibility reduces the risk of damaging other interior finishes.