Keep your carpet clean this Spring!

Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean in Spring
Spring is a time of renewal when the snow begins to melt and flowers begin to emerge. Unfortunately, it is also a time of mud, standing water, and potentially devastating stains on your beautiful carpets. Between your kids and your pets, your carpet is vulnerable throughout the spring, which is why you need to be proactive and learn how to protect your carpets before the new season starts.
The following are a few ways that you can keep your carpet looking beautiful throughout the spring.

Place Mats and Rugs in Strategic Places
Your kids can easily go from jumping in puddles to running through your home and tracking dirt and mud all over your carpets. Place rugs and mats at each exterior door and remind your kids to wipe their feet to help minimize the dirt and mud throughout your house. Also, insist your kids take their shoes off at the door and place them on a separate clean mat.
If it is particularly muddy, place mats outside each exterior door as well. If possible, ask the kids and guests to take their shoes off at this spot outside the door.

Pay Attention to Your Pets
Your rambunctious dog can easily track mud, dirt, and grime onto your carpeting. Before heading out on your morning walk, cover your dog’s paws with booties. This will keep their paws clean on the walk. Make sure to remove the booties before allowing your dogs to get into your house. Store a package of pet wipes, which are designed for use specifically on your pet, near each exterior door.
If your dog gets out, the wipes are a quick and convenient way to remove any contaminants from their paws. Cleaning your dog’s paws with warm water and a pet shampoo periodically will also remove any dirt and debris that you might not have noticed before it gets on your carpets.

Clean Your Porch and Mudroom
During the spring, your porch and mudroom can quickly become a disastrous mess. Clean the floors on your porch and mudroom often to help prevent tracking any of this dirt and mud into your home. Create a special spot inside the porch or mudroom to place shoes, coats, backpacks, or anything else that gets dirty.

Prepare for Guests
Whether you’re throwing a child’s birthday party or having guests for the weekend, create a set of rules to protect your carpet from stains. For example, insist that everyone take their shoes off – and keep them off – when they enter the house. If your guests are unwilling to remove their shoes, purchase disposable shoe covers.
These covers easily slide over shoes and will protect your carpets from whatever is on a friend or family member’s soles. If you have new carpeting in a certain room, such as the master bedroom, ask guests to remain out of the space.

Hire a Professional to Clean Any Stains
Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, mud, dirt, grass, and other types of stains may still appear on your carpet in spring. If this occurs, act quickly to prevent the stain from setting in. Remove any debris and pat, not wipe, at the stain with a carpet cleaner.