Warm Up Your Home with New Carpets

It’s cold outside, and few things can remind you of that fact sooner than stepping out of bed onto a cold floor. Most homeowners strive to keep their energy bills low while also keeping their space warm. Thankfully, achieving these two goals is easy with one simple tool, carpet.

How Does Carpet Keep Your Floor Warmer?

 Carpeting and area rugs both act as winter coats for your flooring. They stop your feet from coming into contact with a cold surface and stop the surface from losing heat at a rapid rate. Studies have shown that up to 10% of the heat that is lost by hardwood flooring could be retained by carpet.

The rug pad or carpet pad you choose to go underneath your new carpet will also determine how much warmth the carpet adds to the room. Need extra help? You can layer area rugs over carpeting in cold areas of your home.

How to Choose the Warmest Carpet and Padding

 The thread count per inch per density have an impact on the warmth that your carpet offers. Just like with bedsheets, a thread needle count means extra warmth and a soft texture underfoot.

Pay attention to the R-factor of the carpet padding. The R-factor demonstrates how good the carpet padding is at stopping heat from leaving. R-values are typically between R-0.2 and R-2. If you add together the R-value of the carpet padding and the carpet itself, you will get an accurate measure of how much warmth the two will add to your floor.

Work with the professionals at Carpet Connection to determine the right combination of carpet padding and carpeting. Manufacturer recommendations and current flooring conditions should both be taken into account.

Stay Warm with New Carpet this Winter

Carpet Connection can help keep your warm home and toasty. A complimentary in-home consultation makes design selection easy. There is no better place to hit all of your objectives; color, style and budget than the comfort of your home. Please let us know if we can help (303) 564-1777.