Does Your House Needs Carpeting in the Next Remodeling?

If you are planning a home renovation and remodeling, but couldn’t decide on the type of floor replacement, then we want to make a suggestion: give wall-to-wall carpeting a shot. We always recommend wall-to-wall carpeting to all those homeowners that are looking for inexpensive and functional floor replacements.

Carpet Cost-Effective

Budget is the first and foremost issue whenever a home renovation is discussed. Carpeting is definitely a cost-effective option in comparison to all the other flooring options. Even a high-end carpeting article comes at a affordable price than any stone or marble finish.

You Can Increase the R-Value of Your Home

Carpets and their padding can do the insulation of your entire floor. In other words, you can increase the R-value and energy efficiency coefficient of your house. This will not just improve its resale prospects, but it will also lower your energy bills.  Depending on the thickness of the carpet, your carpet installation can lower the burden on your HVAC system all through the year.

Slip-Resistant Surfaces

Concrete, tile and stone surfaces definitely have their aesthetic appeal. However, all their sheen comes with possible hazards. A fall can have a stronger impact because the hard surface.  This is especially a  concern for homes with small children and seniors citizens.

In contrast, wall-to-wall carpeting provides natural cushioning. There are lesser chances of injuries when the impact of a fall is absorbed by a plush cushion of a carpet.

Soften the Sound

Indoors radiate comfort and leisure, when they are free of noises. Wall-to-wall carpets soften any loud noises, like physical impacts. They are able to observe a large echos and ambient noises, including the sound of foot traffic.

Great Décor

Last but not least, wall-to-wall carpets make for exceptional home décor.  If you are working with a seasonal carpeting expert that provides personalized service, then you can find a lot of options that will go quite well with your aesthetic sense and the rest of the interior scheme.

From different colors to textures and type, you can customize your wall-to-wall carpet as per your exact needs. A plush carpet finish with a creative and unique designs. Not to mention textures that can add a incredible visual effect to your interior.

All things considered, going for wall-to-wall carpet in your next home renovation plan is a smart decision from any perspective. Cost, visuals or functional features, wall-to-wall carpets fares well than any other flooring option. Get in touch with Carpet Connection if you want a customized wall-to-wall carpet scheme for your home.